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The Team:




The Braveheart driver behind this site has previously used sims like GP, F1RS, MGPRS2, F1C, F1RC and F1 series by Codemasters.

He won two F1 LAN Multiplayer Championships and a second place in the three active years. Team Braveheart had many victories and held many records ;)


In 2011, after 8 years away from the scene, Team Braveheart has returned to simracing and now supporting the F1 series.


Raw statictics of the Braveheart driver formerly known as "The Sheriff". These are extracts from three active years in the Danish F1 Simracing LAN League:

2000: Champion
2001: 2´nd Place (lost by 1 point)
2003: Champion

2000/2001/2002: Most Fastest Laps
2000/2001/2002: Most GP Wins
2000/2002: Most Pole Positions 


* He finished at the podium at every GP in 2002

* Lowest finishing position ever at a LAN GP: 6´th place

* Driver Of The Year Award

Through approximately 36 official LAN GP´s in three years he experienced two DNF´s.
*) Once he was crashed out beyond repair.
*) Once he ran out of fuel at A1 Ring on the last lap in leading position, on the 3´rd last corner...


Team Braveheart: "Moviestar" & "Frequency" did a fantastic job in securing that Team Braveheart also held records in:

2000/2001/2002: Most Double Victories
2000/2001/2002: Most Pole Positions
2000/2001/2002: Most Consecutive Wins


* The team was also well known for its strategic plans which among others planned out perfectly in Monza 2000. When everyone else went for soft tyres, Braveheart went for hard tyres. That desicion paid off with the first one-two victory.


Moviestar alias Johnny Dunch, has been a co-founder of Team Braveheart, and a highly valuated member and successfull simracing driver.
Johnny has also driven sims like GP, F1RS, MGPRS2, F1C, F1RC and F1 series by Codemasters.

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